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How to train my dog the most important dog commands?

Training with your dog can be a very rewarding time spent together for both you and your pup. How can you teach your four-legged best friend the basic dog commands? Get the best tricks and tips right now! Dogs crave obedience. They know what is expected of them and in learning what is expected of them they are mentally stimulated. Obedience’s creates a happy dog and owner. Basic Dog Obedience Training is built from ten basic commands; Sit,Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Wait , Lie down , No , Drop it , Socializations. Building these key commands along with Repetition, Consistency and Love will create a bond like no other between you and your dog.
All dogs need obedience; it builds their confidence. Obedience is a MUST for nervous or aggressive dogs. Obedience gives the owner and the dog the confidence to face the world together as a team. We provide our dog obedience training programs in

At Our Place:

We get your dog for 30 days of hard work and playtime too. We do the training for you, then show you how it works. This training method is faster and more effective. You save time and effort, and your dog receives Dog Obedience Training from professional dog trainer.

How much does Dog Training cost?
Dog training is a 30days course and the cost of the course is 3000DHS. Our Instructors are experienced in positive reinforcement training methods as well as dealing with dog behavior problems and how to prevent them.
What Does The Course Cover:-
Training cues

Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Wait , Lie down , No , Drop it ,Recall and loose lead walking Handling and targeting Obedience Training Socialization The importance of appropriate dog to dog and dog to human interaction

How to deal with behavior problems?

Such as jumping up, mouthing, digging, chewing, barking.

Mental stimulation and environmental enrichment
How to keep your dog entertained while you cannot interact with them or are not home. This helps to prevent destructive behaviors and vocalization.

Positive ways to ensure your dog sees you as the leader.

Park etiquette
How to prevent undesirable behaviors when out and about.
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