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Petting zoo

Educational package and child’s Birthday party Bringing the mini zoo to your school/house.

Your students will receive amazing hands-on experience with a wide variety of our friendly animals without the expense of sending them off campus or losing critical curriculum minutes.

It is wonderful to be able to watch a child discover creatures previously only seen in books. We can easily customize our zoo presentation to meet your learning needs.

Petting zoos are a great activity for all grade levels. Bring your children along to hold, feed, play and interact with the animals as they can make children smile, laugh, and create curiosity.

Pet Care-Petting Zoo This zoo requires about 3*3 Meters. Shade and grass preferable but not required. Cleanup is always provided and children get to feed the animals.

Available year-round. For planning and scheduling groups (especially larger schools), please contact us immediately to best prepare our visit.

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